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Online Events

Consult these summaries of our latest online events for a quick overview, or watch the full sessions. Each article includes the full recording of the event.

More Online Events

  • Video

    Two CEOs Share Insights on Leading in Challenging Times

    Barron Segar, president and CEO of the World Food Program USA, and Anne Aslett, CEO of the Elton John AIDS Foundation discuss how they’ve been guiding their organizations through threats of famine, recession fears, and more and share insights on fundraising, talent management, and planning amid uncertainty.
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    The Great Nonprofit Leadership Turnover

    As nonprofits struggle with high levels of staff turnover and fierce competition for leaders, a group of experts joined the Chronicle to discuss how to train and retain chief executives and how to cope with the so-called Great Resignation.
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    Smart Fundraising: How to Streamline and Innovate

    In the lead up to the year-end fundraising season, nonprofits can benefit from trying out innovative strategies for connecting with donors, say three development leaders during an online briefing organized by the Chronicle.
  • Video

    3 Women Share Lessons From Running Family Foundations

    Stacy Schusterman, Regan Pritzker, and Anne Earhart explain whether recent global crises have changed their giving and talk about the power of philanthropy to improve people’s lives.
  • Video

    How to Connect With Affluent Donors of Color

    The number of high-net-worth people of color is expanding rapidly in America, but many nonprofits fail to bring many of them into the fold, say panelists in an online briefing. Here’s what works.
  • Video

    What Ukraine Needs Now: Advice for Donors and Nonprofits

    Nonprofits working in Ukraine, including World Central Kitchen and Direct Relief, joined experts on disaster and humanitarian giving to discuss transparency, effective ways to give, and the needs in the short term and long term that donors should consider.
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    General Operating Support Is Vital to Advancing Equity, Strengthening Nonprofits, Say Leaders

    A panel of experts discusses whether the trend of foundations giving general operating support will continue once the pandemic wanes.
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    How to Make the Most of Artificial Intelligence and Other Technologies: Advice From Experts

    Technology is often presented as the solution to many problems for nonprofits — reducing staff burnout, better targeting of fundraising efforts, and improving budgeting, to name just a few. It can help with all those things, but there are pitfalls to avoid.
  • Video

    How to Hire and Retain Top-Quality Workers

    Two nonprofit leaders and the CEO of an executive search firm discuss the recruiting climate, hiring trends, and tactics that are working to retain talented nonprofit professionals in a tight labor market.
  • Video

    How to Lead With Courage in Difficult Times

    To help leaders recharge and gear up for 2022, the Chronicle hosted two expert guests in the online briefing Leading Courageously in Unparalleled Times. Watch the video or read the summary.