January 24, 2011

10 New Nonprofit Voices

Rosetta Thurman, the consultant and co-author of How to Become a Nonprofit Rockstar, has published a list of the top 10 young bloggers who write about nonprofit issues. This "new generation," according to Ms. Thurman, is notable for their leadership in using online influence to spread progressive ideas.

Her list features:

• Allison Jones, a fund raiser who writes on social justice and nonprofit leadership.
• Akhila Kolisetty works at a civil-rights law firm in Washington and covers legal issues on the blog Justice for All.
• Ian David Moss, research director at Fractured Atlas, a New York group that provides services to artists nationwide, discusses the arts and the economy on Createquity.
• Sam Davidson, an author and co-founder of the company Cool People Care, who writes about nonprofit issues at
• Elisa Ortiz, a manager at the nonprofit Smart Growth America, blogs about the issues facing young nonprofit workers at
• Nikita Mitchell serves on the board of the Cultural Academy for Excellence and discusses his experiences as a nonprofit board member and volunteer on the blog Journeyful Life.
• Jessica Journey, who writes about nonprofits, fund raising, volunteering, and leadership at
• Tara Connelly, who graduated from North Carolina State University in 2010 and now works as an independent contractor, explores her experiences working with nonprofits at Quarterlife Tango.
• Devin Mathias, of the Marts & Lundy fund-raising consulting firm, writes about social media, fund raising, and philanthropy on More Donors Blog.
• Tracey Webb, who has volunteered and supported nonprofits, writes about African-American donors at Black Gives Back.

Who are your favorite young nonprofit bloggers? Are any missing from Ms. Thurman's list? Post a comment to share your thoughts.