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December 02, 2015

10% of Big Nonprofits Seek Birth-Control Accommodation, Study Finds

Ten percent of nonprofits with 1,000 or more employees requested the accommodation on contraceptive coverage carved out by the Obama administration for faith-affiliated organizations, The Washington Post reports, citing research by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

According to employer responses to the health-focused foundation's annual survey on workplace benefits, 3 percent of nonprofits over all that offer health coverage — those with 10 or more workers — elected for the compromise on the Affordable Care Act requirement that employees get no-cost contraceptive care as part of their health insurance.

The accommodation allows groups that claim a moral objection to contraception to opt out of arranging and paying for such coverage directly by notifying the government. The coverage is then provided by an insurer or other third party. Dozens of faith-based schools, hospitals, and charities have filed suits contending the compromise still makes them complicit in providing birth control and thus violates their religious liberty. The Supreme Court agreed last month to hear several of the cases.