January 05, 2015

11 Don't-Miss Op-Eds of the Last Year: Editor's Picks


3 Ways to Criticize the Work of Big Donors and Grant Makers

Examining the policies of foundations and big donors like Eli Broad and understanding their role in a democracy are helpful in figuring out what works and what doesn't.

Small Groups Need Sustained Funding to Develop Breakthrough IdeasPremium Link

Foundations must end a system that causes tiny charities to duplicate efforts and compete for limited resources.

How Foundations Can Be the Risk Takers They Want to Be

To spark greater innovation, start rewarding failure and stop counting widgets.

Keeping Quiet About Wrongdoing at Nonprofits Only Makes Matters Worse

Nonprofits have been too lax when it comes to acknowledging internal malfeasance by leadership or staff, thus eroding public confidence.

Lawmakers Must Understand Philanthropy to Make Better Policy ChoicesPremium Link

Individual grant makers should share their experiences about successful programs and help policy makers understand the implications of new laws and regulations.

As the Role of Foundations Changes, We Need to Alter Our Default Attitudes

Philanthropy’s growth and the changing perspectives of young people and new donors require grant makers to reshape the grant-making culture.

4 New Approaches to Reaching and Cultivating Today’s BillionairesPremium Link

Fundraisers need to consider how donors think about politics, family, and results.

Foundation CEOs Need Candid Feedback to Succeed in Driving Change

Ford’s CEO says in a letter released today that lack of constructive criticism is his biggest challenge. So let’s give him and other leaders what they need.

7 Myths About Social-Impact Investing Keep Grant Makers From a Good ThingPremium Link

It isn't just for start-up companies. It can take the form of a loan to a nonprofit health clinic or to an arts group learning how to deal with debt.

Donor-Advised Funds Let Wall Street Steer Charitable Donations

Ever more money is being warehoused in these funds instead of going directly to charities, which are struggling with growing needs.

Nonprofit Workers Should Feel Free to Change Jobs and CausesPremium Link

It’s time to talk to rising stars about the skills they need for a strong career, regardless of where they land.