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February 08, 2015

6 Graphics to Tell You More About the Philanthropy 50

Find out what causes and institutions fared the best, which states have the most big donors, and which got the most big gifts. Plus, see how giving differed between people who made their fortunes in technology versus finance.

Most Gifts of $1-Million or More Go to Foundations or Colleges

More than half of the money that the Philanthropy 50 donated in 2014 has gone to foundations that have yet to distribute the money.

Gifts From Tech Donors Skyrocket, but Financial Donors Give Less

Giving by Philanthropy 50 donors who amassed their fortunes in technology increased by 650% over the past five years, but 2014 donations from people who made money in finance dropped to near 2012 levels.

Tech Entrepreneurs Give Nearly Half of the Total Donated by the Top 50

The Philanthropy 50 included 12 tech donors and 11 finance donors, but the amount of money each group of donors gave differed dramatically, with tech donors giving far more.

50% of Gifts From Tech Donors Come From Those Age 50 or Younger

Three tech donors are in the top five on the list, and all are under 40. They are Jan Koum (3), Sean Parker (4), and Nicholas and Jill Woodman (5).

Where the Philanthropy 50 Live

Sixteen donors are in California, and four are in New York — 29 states do not have any donors on this list.

Where the Philanthropy 50 Give

California's Silicon Valley Community Foundation, alone, accounted for $1-billion of the gifts given by the Philanthropy. Jan Koum (3) and Nicholas and Jill Woodman (5) gave two large gifts to the organization.

Dig deeper: Explore the Philanthropy 50 interactive feature to sort through the list of donors by rank, age, source of wealth, and residence.