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January 28, 2016

$70 Million in Gifts Boosts Barnard College Library Plan

Barnard College announced three donations totaling $70 million Thursday to support the New York campus's construction of a new "teaching and learning center" to replace its aging library, The Wall Street Journal reports. The gifts include $25 million from the Tow Foundation, led by the Emily Tow Jackson and her father, Leonard Tow; $25 million from Cheryl Glicker Milstein and Philip Milstein; and $20 million from Diana and Roy Vagelos.

Ms. Jackson, Ms. Milstein, and Ms. Vagelos are all graduates of the Upper West Side institution. The new building, budgeted at $150 million and slated to open in 2018, will feature a library more than twice the size of the current facility, expanded conference areas, office space, and a cafe, among other amenities.