January 17, 2012

9 Tips for Raising More Money in 2012

As nonprofits enter the fifth year of fundraising in a difficult economy, they must not lose sight of the basics, say experts.

Mazarine Treyz, author of The Wild Woman's Guide to Fundraising, says too many groups spend so much time wooing new supporters, they forget to remind loyal donors why their money is so important.

"You want to make it easy for people to fall in love with your nonprofit," she says, by regularly telling donors of an organization's importance—and only occasionally asking for contributions.

Another basic, says Steve Havelka, is to tell board members exactly what needs to be done.

Mr. Havelka, a Web-design consultant who is on the board of the Austin Civic Orchestra, notes that members already have shown they care about an organization's mission; what they need are practical steps to further it.

Ms. Treyz and Mr. Havelka join this episode of Fundraising Fundamentals to share nine ideas that will help nonprofits get their fundraising off to a successful start in 2012. Use the audio player above to hear their goals for nonprofits or download the MP3 on iTunes.

Tony Martignetti, a consultant, author, blogger, and host of Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio, talks with nonprofit leaders and consultants about how organizations can more effectively raise money, build better relationships with boards and supporters, and manage volunteers. Look for new installments on the third Thursday of each month.