July 01, 2011

A Catholic School Thanks Donors Large and Small

When it comes to saying thank you to donors, one size doesn't fit all. Many nonprofits, in fact, create an array of messages to thank different types of donors.

Take the examples below from a Catholic school system, which uses a brief, informal approach to thank corporate donors of products and services and  longer, more formal, letters to thank people who made big gifts through a capital campaign. In both cases, the letter is directed specifically at each donor, adding names and details to personalize each one.

Do you agree with the school's approach?

This letter was submitted anonymously as part of the Great Acknowledgment Swap, a collection of letters collected by Lynne Wester, director of stewardship and donor recognition at Yeshiva University and blogger at You can see the full 638-page collection on her site.

As always, we invite you to critique the letters and borrow ideas for your own efforts to thank donors.