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June 19, 2015

A Donor Searches for the Best Way to Save a Life

Following the loss of his mother and near loss of his father, a writer at The Atlantic sets out to find the most effective use for his charitable donation--his ultimate goal being to find the most efficient way to save a life.

The author, Derek Thompson, begins his quest through the lens of "effective altruism," which uses data and reason to find the most effective use of a charitable dollar. His search leads him to GiveWell, a charity that works to help identify and evaluate the best nonprofits for donors to support. Ultimately he decides to give to GiveWell's top-rated charity, the Against Malaria Foundation, a nonprofit that provides long-lasting insecticide-treated nets to people in developing countries.

In an email to the Chronicle, Rob Mather, the founder and chief executive of the Against Malaria Foundation said the article, which published online Monday, has already led to a "siginificant number of donations," many of them recurring.