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November 23, 2015

A Group of Calif. Girls Battles to Join Boy Scouts

Five girls in Northern California are seeking to join the Boy Scouts, marking the latest in a series of challenges the youth organization has faced amid shifting gender roles and mores, writes The New York Times.

The girls, aged 10 to 13, submitted their applications and made their case earlier this month at a meeting of local Boy Scouts leaders in Santa Rosa, Calif., saying they found the Girl Scouts too sedate and were already engaging in more physical, Boy Scouts-type activities in a troop they formed called the Unicorns. The local leaders said they had no authority to admit the girls but would forward the request to the national office.

"I’d like to see them standing up like they did for the gay scouts and the gay leaders," said Unicorns member Allie Westover, referring to the Boy Scouts' recent lifting of bans on openly gay boys and adult troop leaders. In an email to reporters, the national Boy Scouts office said, "We understand that the values and the lessons of scouting are attractive to the entire family. However, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are year-round programs for boys and young men."