August 22, 2002

A Sampling of Nonprofit Leadership Programs


Here are some of the most popular and prestigious leadership programs that include participants from the nonprofit world:

Annie E. Casey

Foundation Children and Family Fellowships. The Casey Foundation, in Baltimore, offers 10 fellowships to midcareer individuals who work in the field of children and family. The fellowships include stipends roughly equivalent to each fellow's salaries for 11 months, health benefits, and the travel and housing costs incurred by the fellows' work assignments in the foundation's headquarters and at other organizations around the county. The foundation anticipates setting a deadline for nominations for its next class of fellows in early 2004.

Ashoka Fellows. Ashoka, an international organization with American offices in Arlington, Va., offers up to 25 three-year fellowships for "social entrepreneurs" -- individuals who wish to create or expand public-service projects -- that include stipends based on financial need (up to $55,000 per year) and access to pro bono management and leadership assistance. Ashoka also facilitates international collaborations among its fellows. Nominations are due September 15.

Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs. Coro, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and St. Louis, offers 64 full-time, nine-month fellowships that include field assignments, individual and group projects, and a formal relationship with a mentor. Tuition is $3,500, though scholarships and living-expenses assistance are available on a case-by-case basis. Applications are due January 3, 2003. Coro also offers a number of part-time leadership programs.

Echoing Green Fellowships. Each year, the Echoing Green Foundation, in New York, offers 10 "social entrepreneurs" $60,000 stipends over two years (or $90,000 over the same period split between two partners), health benefits, and management support to complete or expand public-service projects. Applications are due January 6, 2003.

Eureka Fellowships. Eureka Communities, located in Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, each offer seven two-year fellowships to nonprofit leaders that provide two trips to other U.S. charities to study best practices, along with monthly fellows meetings and occasional workshops. Application deadlines vary by city.

Ford Motor Company International Fellowship Program of the 92nd Street Y. The Ford Motor Company, in Dearborn, Mich., offers up to 25 fellowships a year through New York's 92nd Street Y to emerging nonprofit leaders who live outside the United States. The fellowship is a two-week program that includes a small stipend and all expenses paid, classes in nonprofit management at Columbia University, visits to New York charities, and a visit to Ford's corporate headquarters in Michigan. Applications for the 2003 fellowships are due October 29.

Frances Hesselbein Community Innovation Fellows Program. The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, in New York, offers five one-year fellowships to midcareer nonprofit managers that include workshops and conferences, formal mentor relationships, and access to the foundation's educational resources. Applications are not yet being accepted for 2003 fellowships but are usually due in May of each year.

Kellogg Leadership for Community Change. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is beginning this program next month for community activists in six U.S. cities and rural towns. For more information, see "Kellogg Builds on Lessons Learned in Acclaimed Fellowship Program with New Leadership Series."

LeadershipPlenty. The Pew Partnership for Civic Change began this program last month in five U.S. locations, with plans to expand to 150 cities and towns over the next three years. The series will offer workshops and other activities, such as group projects, on a part-time basis to 25 participants per place. Nonprofit organizations that work closely with citizens and community groups can apply to be LeadershipPlenty partners, which will be selected annually. Selections will be made by December 31. Contact the Pew Partnership for more information.

Leadership for a Changing World. The Ford Foundation, in New York, awards 20 awards per year, which include $100,000 over two years for the awardees' programs, $30,000 for individual learning opportunities such as skills coaching or travel, and participation in group meetings and in research on leadership. Nominations will be accepted for the next group of award recipients beginning in October. The Ford Foundation also sponsors New Voices, which provides grants to nonprofit organizations to allow them to hire entry-level staff members. Applications are due January 13, 2003.

Next Generation Leadership. The Rockefeller Foundation, in New York, offers 24 two-year fellowships for studies and travel for participants to learn more about democracy in the program's first year and to work at broadening their constituencies in the second, for which grants are available though the program's "solutions fund." Admission to the program begins with a closed nomination process.

Reinhard Mohn Fellowships. The media company Bertelsmann AG, in Gütersloh, Germany, offers up to seven year-long fellowships to public-service innovators that include $53,000 annual stipends and work assignments at Bertelsmann companies and programs around the world. Applications will be accepted beginning January 1.

Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership Program. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in Princeton, N.J., offers 10 awards of $120,000 per year (a $15,000 personal stipend plus $105,000 for the program where the award recipient works) to recognize midcareer community health-care providers and advocates and their programs. The nomination process begins with a letter of intent, which must be received by September 30.

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