October 16, 2002

A Sampling of Questions From the Certified Fund-Raising Executive Test


1. When notifying a family that the charity has received a donation in the name of a deceased family member, which item should not appear in the communication?

A. Date gift was received
B. Gift restriction
C. Name of donor
D. Amount of gift

2. Which one of the following questions expresses a key element in winning corporate grants?

A. What can the corporation do for us?
B. Will our proposal have appeal to the consumers of the company's products?
C. What can we do for the corporation?
D. Will our proposal have appeal to the company's stockholders?

3. Campaign volunteers will perform best if they:

A. attend regularly scheduled reporting meetings.
B. are left alone to pursue assigned tasks.
C. are given a job description which they understand and accept.
D. all attend a kickoff meeting designed to generate enthusiasm.

4. The rationale that will most likely motivate major gifts is:

A. sense of loyalty, gratitude, and affection for the organization.
B. belief in the institution.
C. tax consideration.
D. belief that current needs are important.

5. The task of training volunteers as corporate solicitors is the responsibility of the:

A. professional staff or fund counsel.
B. training specialist or consultants.
C. fund development committee of the board.
D. volunteer campaign leadership.

Correct responses:

1. D; 2. C; 3. C; 4. B; 5. A