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October 08, 2014

Adrian Peterson Rebuts Allegations of Misusing Foundation

Suspended Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson and the head of his All Day Foundation disputed a newspaper report that the charity's funds were used to pay for a hotel-room sex party and that it claimed nonexistent donations on tax forms, according to NBC Sports and the Vikings Territory blog.

In a series of Twitter posts, Mr. Peterson—who is out of football pending the outcome of child-abuse charges—said a credit card from his private company All Day Inc. was used to pay for an Eden Prairie, Minn., hotel room in 2011, not an All Day Foundation card, as the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Monday.

The Star Tribune also wrote that foundation tax filings listed donations to a Maryland faith charity and a Texas food bank that said they did not get All Day funds. Mr. Peterson and Bruce Richman, the foundation's executive director, said the gifts went to similarly named charities, which have confirmed receiving them but were misreported on tax forms by accountants and a management firm the foundation has since fired.