February 10, 2015

Aid Charity Investigated by USAID Purges Senior Leadership

More than half a dozen top executives at International Relief and Development resigned Friday amid multiple inquiries into alleged financial misconduct by one of the U.S. Agency for International Development's biggest contractors, according to The Washington Post. The Arlington, Va.-based charity's chief financial officer, general counsel, and chief administrative officer were among those departing as the organization seeks to demonstrate accountability after it was suspended by USAID last month.

International Relief and Development has received $2.4-billion in government contracts since 2007, primarily for humanitarian and community-development work in Afghanistan and Iraq. Jean M. Hacken, the charity's chief of compliance from 2009 to 2014, said its executives charged Redskins game tickets, personal dining and travel, and alcohol at organizational functions to the government as overhead costs. The nonprofit's husband-and-wife founders, Arthur B. Keys and Jasna Basaric-Keys, retired last year.