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November 07, 2014

Aid Workers Brave Danger in West Africa and the Middle East

A New York Times article examines the risk aid workers face in Ebola-stricken West Africa and the war-torn Middle East when serving on the philanthropic front lines, as part of a special section on giving.

The piece focuses on the Western doctors and medical staff who have contracted Ebola while working to fight the disease, as well as the myriad nonprofit groups that have deployed people to West Africa.

It also mentions the rising tide of violence against humanitarian workers in places like Syria. Last year set a record for attacks on such workers, according to a report by Humanitarian Outcomes.

Other articles in the giving section look at the risks and benefits for nonprofits of working with celebrities; the likelihood another charity will replicate the success of the  ice-bucket challenge; what happens when a donation goes awry; how millennials are influencing giving; and how donors are lobbying nonprofits to divest themselves of investments in companies connected with fossil fuels.