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May 15, 2015

Ala. Clinics' Ex-CFO Rearrested Over Mailings to Case Figures

A former Alabama nonprofit executive awaiting sentencing for her role in diverting millions of dollars from the charities was arrested again this week in connection with packages sent to people involved in the fraud investigation, Al.com reports.

Terri McGuire Mollica was charged with lying to postal inspectors about the mailings to a prosecutor, and investigator, and a witness in her case, which allegedly included drugs and drug scales. Authorities said one package sent to a prosecutor's spouse contained Ritalin and Adderall and was followed by an anonymous tip to law enforcement that the spouse was a drug dealer.

Ms. Mollica, of Birmingham, served as chief financial officer of two clinics serving the poor and homeless. She pleaded guilty last month to multiple charges arising from the suspected steering of $11 million in federal funds from the nonprofits to private business controlled by the clinics' CEO, Jonathan Dunning, who was himself arrested in February and is due to stand trial in July. Ms. Mollica's sentencing on the fraud-related charges is scheduled for September.