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October 15, 2015

Anti-Abortion Activist Details Planned Parenthood Infiltration

The Washington Post profiles David Daleiden, the 26-year-old anti-abortion activist whose secretly filmed encounters with Planned Parenthood officials sparked a firestorm over the women's health group's provision of fetal tissue for medical research.

The article details how Mr. Daleidan conducted the elaborate ruse that resulted in the undercover videos, in which he set up a phony biomedical company to meet with abortion providers and inquire about obtaining fetal organs. Before establishing the Center for Medical Progress, his anti-abortion nonprofit, Mr. Daleidan was active with Live Action, another group that coordinated Planned Parenthood "stings."

Planned Parenthood denies Mr. Daleidan's claim that it profits from selling fetal tissue, saying it donates the material to researchers and has received only reimbursement for costs such as storage and delivery. On Tuesday the organization said it would no longer accept such repayment, a change Mr. Daleidan termed "pretty much an admission of guilt." Several congressional committees are investigating his allegations.