July 12, 2007

Are Bill Gates And Warren Buffett Atheist Donors?

Are the world’s two biggest donors atheists?

The author of The Great Realization, a blog dedicated to discussing atheism in America, points out that both Warren Buffett and Bill Gates appear to be nonreligious, a characteristic overlooked in the coverage of their philanthropy, he says.

“When people speak about the good that religion has done, philanthropy is always one of the first things that is spoken about. Why isn’t it brought up that some of the largest philanthropic efforts in the world are being conducted without religion?” writes the author, who goes by the name Magikent.

The blogger, a marketing professional in Ohio, says that atheists are often accused of lacking a moral code, but perhaps with these two men as examples, secular people can refute that claim.

What do you think? Do Mr. Buffett and Mr. Gates seem nonreligious? Can atheism or secular humanism play a similar role in philanthropy as religious beliefs? Share your thoughts by clicking on the comments link below this post.