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October 21, 2015

Armed With Audience Data, Pa. Opera to Try 'Binge' Model

After crunching numbers on how to attract and engage audiences, Opera Philadelphia announced plans Tuesday to start its season off with a 12-day festival of performances across the city, reports The New York Times.

The data show that "the binge-watching preference is not isolated to television,” said David B. Devan, the group's general director. He said the festival, set to debut at the start of Opera Philadelphia's 2017 season, aims to entice younger patrons who tend to buy single tickets rather than subscriptions and to draw out-of-town fans to the city for opera weekends.

Some opera companies have launched festivals as a way to shorten seasons and save money, but Opera Philadelphia said it would continue to program full seasons while adding performances in a way tailored to audience trends. The organization said it has already raised the $10 million it needs to put on the festival's first four annual editions.