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October 29, 2012

Armstrong's Image Remains Positive for Many, Poll Finds

A new survey shows Americans almost evenly split in their view of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, Bloomberg reports.

Thirty-seven percent of those questioned in the Seton Hall Sports Poll said they had a positive image of Mr. Armstrong, 36 percent had a negative view, and 27 percent had no opinion or didn't know.

Almost half of the 878 randomly selected respondents said their views were not changed by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's report dealing with Mr. Armstrong's alleged long-term use of performance-enhancing drugs. The rider, who has denied cheating, was formally stripped last week of his seven Tour de France titles and has stepped down as chairman of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

"We were surprised by this result given the almost daily pounding of his reputation," said Rick Gentile, who directed the poll, "but he overcame cancer, raised millions for cancer research, and became an American hero. The public hasn’t forgotten that."