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September 08, 2015

Athletes and Stars Back Push for U.N. Development Goals

Supporters of the United Nations' proposed Sustainable Development Goals have launched a celebrity-studded publicity blitz aimed at winning world leaders' backing for the anti-poverty and human-rights agenda, Thomson Reuters Foundation writes.

Filmmaker Richard Curtis, a co-organizer of the effort, said it will include radio spots and other advertising, social media, and a September 26 concert in New York's Central Park headlined by Beyonce, Coldplay, and Pearl Jam. Among the efforts is a "Dizzy Goals" video campaign in which soccer stars attempt shots on goal after spinning themselves dizzy, which organizers hope will mirror the viral success of last year's ice-bucket challenge.

Known as the SDGs, the 17 goals will come up for a U.N. vote at a September 25-27 summit. They are aimed at ending hunger, reducing inequality, combating climate change, and meeting other development and environmental targets by 2030. "The first thing is to get them known, get them discussed, so the politicians know there is a global ambition for global citizens to fight for these goals for the next 15 years," Mr. Curtis said.