January 05, 2015

Best Advice and Trends for Making Donors Happy

University of Pennsylvania now holds a one-year reunion for new alumni and has renamed the senior class gift "Seniors for the Penn Fund" to help make the connection between student giving and alumni giving. The retention rate for those who give to the fund five or more years is 86 percent.


What Donors Want NowPremium Link

People who give to America’s biggest charities want candor, connection to a cause, and respect.

Colleges Are Inventing New Ways to Attract Recent Graduates to DonatePremium Link

A new study finds young people are far more inclined to give to causes other than their alma mater.

Billionaires Wield Greater Power Through Charitable and Political DonationsPremium Link

Controversy is brewing as more wealthy people use their money to sway policies on gun control, immigration, public pensions, climate change, and education.

Some Tech Entrepreneurs Embrace Giving Before They Have Anything to Give

The Founders’ Pledge asks Silicon Valley’s start-up entrepreneurs to donate 1 percent of their companies’ equity to charity from the very beginning.

If Giving Makes People Happy, Authors Ask, Why Not Give More?Premium Link

A new crop of social scientists wants to isolate the causes and consequences of giving. Will the nonprofit world benefit?

A Giving Pledge, Ralph Nader Style

The consumer advocate is trying to launch a new effort for wealthy donors, aimed at increasing social justice.