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March 11, 2016

Big Gifts for UC-Davis Health and Rochester Business School

A wealthy rea- estate investor whose glaucoma was successfully treated at the University of California at Davis has donated $38.5 million to the university for eye research and treatment, reports The Sacramento Bee.

Ernest Tschannen's gift to the UC Davis Health System, announced Thursday, includes $1.5 million he had already contributed to boost efforts to find a cure for glaucoma. Half of the additional $37 million will support a new center, to be named for the donor, that will consolidate the university's scattered eye-care facilities. Mr. Tschannen underwent surgery at UC Davis to treat his failing eyesight in 2000.

The University of Rochester announced an anonymous $20 million commitment Thursday to support its Simon Business School, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle writes. The unrestricted gift comes in the form of a bequest to be paid upon the death of the donor, an alumnus of the Simon school.