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June 11, 2015

Bill Clinton Could Quit Foundation if Hillary Elected

Bill Clinton said Wednesday that he will exit the charitable foundation he founded after leaving the White House if his wife is elected president and asks him to step down, Bloomberg and the Associated Press report.

"If she wins, and I think it would be a very good thing for America if she did win, we’ll have to talk about it," he said in an interview with Bloomberg TV at the Clinton Global Initiative America conference in Denver.

Mr. Clinton also said he would stop taking money for speeches if Hillary Clinton becomes president. The Clinton Foundation, and Ms. Clinton's campaign, have faced intense scrutiny over speaking fees and donations from corporations and foreign entities, which critics say raise questions of potential conflicts of interest during her past tenure as secretary of state and in a possible presidential administration.

In an interview with CNN, Mr. Clinton said no foundation donor "ever asked me for anything" in return for a contribution and that neither he nor his wife know what donors might be seeking beyond supporting the charity's global health and poverty programs, Reuters writes. "I never saw her study a list of my contributors, and I had no idea who was doing business before the State Department," he said.