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November 03, 2014

Bill Gates Commits $200-Million a Year to Ending Malaria

Bill Gates told a global health conference that he wants to eliminate malaria in his lifetime. To achieve that goal, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will dedicate more than $200-million a year, according to the Associated Press. This represents a 30-percent increase in the foundation’s budget for its malaria program.

His plan is to work toward the development of a drug or vaccine to rid asymptomatic people of the malaria parasite. These carriers are a "human reservoir" that help spread the disease.

Mr. Gates also spoke broadly on the state of global public health in an interview with the AP. He called the continuing Ebola outbreak a “pivotal moment” and said the lagging response should draw attention to flaws in the global health apparatus. “We’re likely in the next several decades to have an epidemic that’s more transmissible than this Ebola epidemic,” he said.