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June 10, 2016

Bill Gates ‘Gamifies’ Philanthropy With Chicken Giveaway

Bill Gates “gamified” philanthropy this week with a program to give breeding chickens to families in Africa that was powered by an online quiz, Fast Company writes.

The Coop Dreams project, a partnership with global aid charity Heifer International, touted the value of raising fowl in helping sub-Saharan Africans, particularly women, achieve economic self-sufficiency and feed their families. The effort aims to boost from 5 percent to 30 percent the proportion of sub-Saharan families raising chickens and create a sustainable poultry market in the region.

Visitors to the Coop Dreams game launched Wednesday on Mr. Gates’s blog could earn points by reading his memo on the project, watching a video, and taking a short quiz. Along with educating users about the issue, completing certain tasks triggered a donation of a flock of chicks to a family.  The campaign closed after generating donations of more than 100,000 birds.

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