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October 28, 2014

Bloomberg Leads Push to Boost Poorer Students' College Hopes

A nonprofit coalition led by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's foundation is launching an initiative Tuesday to improve high-performing, lower-income students' college access and degree prospects, write The New York Times. The crux of the effort will be hiring thousands of full- and part-time counselors to advise top high school students of modest means on securing college admission and financial aid, primarily via digital communication.

Bloomberg Philanthropies will spend $10-million over two years to seed the program, with the Heckscher Foundation for Children adding $1 million. Other partners include the College Board, the Khan Academy, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, and the College Advising Corps. The coalition's goal is raise from one-third to one-half the proportion of top-performing students from the bottom half of income distribution who attend colleges and universities with high graduation rates.