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December 19, 2014

Boston Museum Receives $10-Million Gift of Women's Art

Cambridge, Mass., philanthropist and art collector Barbara Lee has donated 43 works by female artists to Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art, The Boston Globe writes. Ms. Lee estimated the value of the collection, which includes works by Louise Bourgeois, Cindy Sherman, Tara Donovan, and other major figures, at more than $10-million.

The gift expands by 30 percent the size of the permanent collection, which the 78-year-old museum began amassing in 2005 after decades of exhibiting only borrowed works. Ms. Lee, a member of the institute's board since 1990, is the founder and president of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, which seeks to engage women in politics and contemporary art.

"One of the most important stories of our time is the story women tell," said Jill Medvedow, the institute's director. "Their representation has greatly improved [in the art world], but it’s still not excellent. Ours is excellent."