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April 21, 2015

Britain's Wealthiest Gave $3.85-Billion to Charity Last Year

The 300 wealthiest Britons gave away $3.85-billion in the last year, writes Civil Society Media, citing the annual Rich List and Giving List from The Sunday Times. A record number donated at least 1 percent of their wealth to charity

Notable donations include Britain's Labour peer Lord Sainsbury and his family, who gave away more than $300 million, or about 40 percent of their wealth, and Elton John who gave more than $50 million, or 9 percent of his wealth, the majority going toward his Aids Foundations in Britain and the U.S. The full list will be released later this week.

Citing a survey by the Charities Aid Foundation, which works with the Times to produce the Giving List, the article reveals that British people think the richest should donate an average of 25 percent of their wealth during their lives.

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