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April 07, 2014

Calif. Home for Older Adults Gets $15-Million From Clients' Daughter

Marvin Steindler

Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer, a real-estate executive, said she wanted to honor the nonprofit's staff.

How much: $15-million

Who got it: Los Angeles Jewish Home

Who gave it: Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer, president of Ben B. Eisenberg Properties, a real-estate management firm in Los Angeles

Where the money will go: To support the organization’s capital campaign

Donor’s connection to beneficiary: Her late husband, Ben, was a member of the Guardians, a group of volunteers that raises money for the Los Angeles Jewish Home. Through him, Ms. Eisenberg-Keefer became involved with the organization and has been for more than 50 years. Her parents were residents of the home. She is a board member.

Donor’s other giving: She donates to the arts, education, programs for the disabled, social services, health causes, and medical research.

Why she gave: Ms. Eisenberg-Keefer, who has given many smaller gifts, says she has always been grateful for the care her parents got at the institution. “I learned firsthand the compassionate care of the staff.”

What the donor hopes her gift will accomplish: She wants to inspire others to give and says that is why she allowed the donation to be publicized. Most of the older adults who reside at the home do not pay for their care, Ms. Eisenberg-Keefer says.

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