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February 20, 2013

California Lawmaker Seeks to End Boy Scouts' Tax Exemption

A proposed California measure would revoke tax-exempt status from the Boy Scouts and other youth groups that bar gay participants, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The measure, proposed by a Democratic state senator on Tuesday, would affect state benefits that groups get from tax exemption, but it is the Internal Revenue Service at the federal level that governs key parts of the operations of nonprofit groups.

Sen. Ricardo Lara, from Los Angeles County, said the bill was designed to influence the national board of the Scouts group, which is considering whether to change its policy prohibiting gay members.

"I thought it was necessary for California to make sure we don't condone the discriminating practices of youth groups like the Boy Scouts of America," Mr.  Lara said. "We've given the Boy Scouts ample time, and they've chosen not to address this issue."

The Boy Scouts did not return a call seeking comment on the measure, reports The Wall Street Journal.