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September 08, 2016

Candidate’s Charity Pay Becomes Issue in Mo. Governor’s Race

Missouri’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate is slamming his Republican rival for collecting a six-figure salary while leading a charity that helps veterans transition to civilian work through volunteering, reports the Associated Press.

GOP hopeful Eric Greitens, an Iraq veteran and former Navy Seal, founded The Mission Continues in 2007 and led it until 2014. A new campaign ad for Democrat Chris Koster, currently Missouri’s attorney general, trumpets that Mr. Greitens received $700,000 in salary from the nonprofit during his tenure and accuses him of using its assets to promote himself.

Tax filings and other records show Mr. Greitens took no pay from The Mission Continues in its first two years but began collecting a salary as donation and grant income grew. He earned $175,000 annually in his final three years with the group and donated 5 percent back to it each year. Sandra Miniutti, spokeswoman for watchdog group Charity Navigator, said Mr. Greitens’ pay was higher than the median for similar-sized charities in the Midwest but not “to the point where it’s egregious or it’s a huge red flag.”