October 15, 2015

Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Winners Receive Awards

Kat Woronowicz, ZUMAPRESS, Newscom

Irwin Jacobs, a co-founder of the wireless-communications company Qualcomm, and his wife, Joan Jacobs, have given to cultural, educational, health, and human-service organizations in the San Diego area.

Several prominent American philanthropists are being honored Thursday afternoon by the Carnegie Corporation of New York for their contributions in the areas of the arts, cancer research, citizenship, culture, education, the environment, health care, science, and technology.

The winners of the 2015 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy are:

The awards are given annually. Awardees are nominated by officials from the more than 20 Carnegie organizations throughout the United States and Europe and chosen by seven representatives from those organizations.

The winners are philanthropists the Carnegie Corporation considers heirs to the 19th-century businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie’s goal of doing "real and permanent good" in the world.

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