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September 03, 2014

Chairwoman of Columbia Sportswear Named as $100-Million Ore. Donor

Gert Boyle, chairwoman of Columbia Sportswear, has come forward as the donor behind a $100-million gift to Oregon Health & Science University, The Oregonian reports.

Ms. Boyle made the donation anonymously in July. She and her son, Tim Boyle, chief executive at Columbia, had previously endowed a $2.5-million chair at the university in honor of their late sister and aunt, Hildegard Lamfrom, a science researcher in the 1960s and '70s.

In a video published Friday, Ms. Boyle is shown having a glass of lemonade with Dr. Brian Druker, head of the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon. It is tagged with the line "Let's put those rumors to rest ... Give with Gert."

In the cheeky video, Ms. Boyle speculates that the donor must have been "a very wealthy man who did that." She concludes by saying "Here's to cancer. Let's kick cancer's ...." with the final word beeped out.

The gift puts the university $70-million shy of the $500-million it needs to raise in order to trigger a matching $500-million gift from Nike co-founder Phil Knight.