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April 03, 2015

Chancellor Rejects Ole Miss Offer, $20 Million Gift Pulled

The University of Mississippi’s chancellor, Dan Jones, will leave the school in September after the breakdown of contract talks with trustees whose initial decision last month to cut ties with the popular campus leader created tumult at Ole Miss and outraged donors, the Associated Press and The New York Times report.

After it was announced Thursday that Mr. Jones had rejected a limited contract extension offered by the board of the State Institutions of Higher Learning, the Gertrude C. Ford Foundation reiterated an earlier pledge to retract a $20 million donation for a new science building. Anthony Papa, the foundation’s president and an Ole Miss alumnus, called the ouster of Mr. Jones “inexcusable.”

Trustees voted March 20 to let Mr. Jones go after his contract expires in September, with board members later citing concerns over financial and contracting procedures at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. After the decision set off campus protests, the board renewed contract talks, but the chancellor ultimately rejected an offer that provided for a 21-month extension, to be followed by his retirement. Mr. Jones said such “lame duck” status would make it hard for him to hire top administrators and woo donors.