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November 30, 2015

Charities Incorporate Virtual Reality Into Donor Pitches

Nonprofits are exploring virtual reality as a way to give donors an immersive view of their their mission and work, The Wall Street Journal writes. In recent months the Clinton Global Initiative and the school-building nonprofit Pencils of Promise have incorporated the technology into meetings and galas in ways they say proved popular with attendees.
Charity: Water will set a new benchmark in nonprofit use of the technology at its December 7 fundraiser at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Journal says, simultaneously showing some 400 guests a virtual-reality documentary about a well-drilling in northern Ethiopia and its impact on a local girl.

"When Google Glass came out, everyone was excited about it, but I truly think that this technology is going to be transformational,” said Natalie Ebel, marketing director at Pencils of Promise. The education charity set up virtual-reality stations at its October gala to take guests inside the transformation of a classroom in rural Ghana and it is now planning another virtual-reality project, Ms. Ebel said.