May 02, 2012

Charities May Soon Get a Way to Seek Bigger Text Gifts

Donors who give through mobile text messages could soon have the options of giving a larger donation and setting up repeat text gifts, say the leaders of two of the organizations that oversee text giving in the U.S. and Canada.

Jim Manis, chief executive of the Mobile Giving Foundation, and Bernard Lord, chairman of the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada, said in an interview that they are working with some cellular service providers to allow $20 donations—double the current $10 limit—and recurring donations, though they gave no timeline on when those features would be available.

Mr. Lord said 75 percent of donors are willing to give $20 or more through text messaging, according to research his group has conducted. Forty-seven percent say they are willing to donate $25 or more through the platform.

Text-message gifts remain popular, the two men say, even though it is quickly becoming just as easy to give through a smartphone, tablet, or other device that links to a charity's online-donation site.

"It's of such a tremendous value because of its simplicity," Mr. Manis said.