March 25, 2010

Charities Urged to Get 'Meaner, Uglier, Messier;' Plus More: Thursday's Roundup

  • "Many fund-raising consultants tend to overstate things in order to land a client," Jeff Brooks, creative director of TrueSense Marketing, writes on Future Fundraising Now. Mr. Brooks offers tips on how to determine if a fund-raising consultant is being completely honest with you.
  • Writing on the Tactical Philanthropy blog, Eric Kessler, founder of Arabella Philanthropic Investment Advisors, says that "philanthropy revelry" was at its best this week in New Orleans for the Association of Small Foundations conference titled Katrina @ 5. For more on the event, see updates from Chronicle reporter Nicole Wallace.
  • Colleen Dilenschneider, a young nonprofit worker, shares her "Nonprofit Manifesto for Generation Y Leaders."
  • Mike Burns, a strategic planning consultant who writes Nonprofit Board Crisis, questions whether the board of the Connecticut Humane Society is being as open and responsive as it should. The board this week said it found no evidence of wrongdoing after an internal investigation of the group's finances. But it also announced the departure of its executive director. "The Connecticut Humane Society has put a positive spin on what will clearly be a mystery, at least at the present moment," Mr. Burns writes.