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April 10, 2012

'Charity Bribes' Site Hopes to Lure Donations Through Stunts by Celebrities

A new fundraising Web site is hoping to attract donations to "bribe" television stars into doing awkward or silly deeds for charity, the Los Angeles Times writes.

Started by two freelance advertising copywriters, Charity Bribes solicits ideas to match celebrity deeds with charity beneficiaries in hopes of raising enough money for the cause to convince the stars—who are not involved in the campaigns—to take up the challenge.

The site launched last month with an effort to get curmudgeonly comedian Larry David to join Twitter as a fundraiser for the Natural Resources Defense Council. It has raised $3,000 in pledges. A subsequent campaign will ask Conan O'Brien to do an interview on his show wearing an eye patch and a turtleneck.

"We're trying to make sure that the bribes are really positive. Fun for the people contributing to the bribe and also for the celebrities," said William Spencer, Charity Bribes co-founder. "We don't want to get into anything that's mean-spirited or degrading to celebs."