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July 06, 2016

Charity Leader’s Blog Offers ‘Reality Check’ on Philanthropy

Nonprofit leader Vu Le, who skewers absurdities and inequities in the charity world in his irreverent blog “Nonprofit With Balls,” is profiled by Fast Company. The article, posted in the business magazine’s online “ideas” section CoExist, describes the blog as “reality check within the philanthropic field,” humorously tackling issues like low pay, errant management, and grant-maker demands while celebrating the everyday efforts of nonprofit staff.

“We need to own our awesomeness more,” says Mr. Le, who heads Rainier Valley Corps, a fellowship program for leaders of communities of color in the Seattle area. A regular speaker at philanthropic conferences, he recently started the Facebook group Nonprofit Happy Hour, an online gathering place for charity employees, as well as ED Happy Hour, which arranges physical meet-ups for nonprofit leaders in major cities.

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