May 19, 2009

Charity Tuesday Takes Off On Twitter

It’s official: The nonprofit world is officially a more popular topic on Twitter than swine flu.

Thousands of users of the social-networking Web site Twitter are posting Tweets today under a tag called #charitytuesday. Tags are used to help Twitter users mark messages so other people can quickly find information about specific topics.

The #charitytuesday tag was created as a way to help nonprofit groups to spread the word about their causes on Twitter and to help charities better understand how to use the site, writes John Carnell on the British blog TechnicaVita.

Mr. Carnell writes that many charities have been slow to embrace Twitter, though he hopes the #charitytuesday tag will help hasten the site’s use.

Given the amount of activity surrounding the tag today, he might be right.

In Twitter’s list of the most popular topics on the site, #charitytuesday ranked No. 2 this morning.

Is your nonprofit group using the #charitytuesday tag to promote its efforts on Twitter? If so, is it helping you gain more followers or generate more awareness for your cause?

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