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May 06, 2015

Chelsea Clinton Defends Foundation Before Global Initiative Meeting

As business, political, and philanthropic leaders gathered in Marrakesh for the first Clinton Global Initiative meeting focused on Africa and the Middle East, Chelsea Clinton said there is a "political dimension" to the controversy over multimillion-dollar gifts from foreign governments and corporations to her family's foundation, The Washington Post reports.

Ms. Clinton, the Clinton Foundation's vice chair, said the scrutiny has intensified with the launch of Hillary Clinton's White House run.

Chelsea Clinton dismissed the idea, raised by some Republicans and campaign watchdog groups, that foundation donors seek to curry favor with her powerful parents. "What people who choose to partner with us, whether it's in a financial capacity or a programmatic capacity, expect to get is the work that we’ve seen on this trip," she said during an African tour ahead of the Morocco meeting.

The Marrakesh CGI has itself been controversial, with several major Moroccan companies — some with government times — among its financial sponsors. Human-rights advocates have called on the foundation to cut ties with one meeting backer, phosphate-mining firm OCP, which is accused of exploiting natural resources in the Western Sahara without the consent of the indigenous population.