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April 27, 2016

China Set to Enact Law Restricting Foreign Nonprofits

Amid a campaign by China's government against foreign influences, the country's lawmakers are set to approve legislation that would give police authority to put overseas nonprofits on a permanent blacklist, The Wall Street Journal writes. The provision is part of a broader law on charities, China's first, the could be passed this week, the Journal reports, citing the state-run Xinhua News Agency.

A third draft of the bill reviewed by lawmakers Monday also includes provisions requiring that nonprofits make public their funding sources and spending for all activities. Other elements of the bill that drew protests from international nonprofits have been removed, including rules limiting such groups to a single office in China and restricting their ability to recruit staff and volunteers.

Chinese officials say the new law is intended to help foreign organizations by giving them, for the first time, a way to legally register in the country as nonprofits. But Beijing has also raised concerns that foreign governments are using nonprofits to promote democracy and destabilize China. Some 7,000 overseas nonprofits active in China, according to the legislature, the National People’s Congress.