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March 15, 2016

China's New Charity Law Aims to Unlock Stagnant Giving

Regulations expected to be approved by China's legislature Wednesday would expand tax incentives for donors and lift restrictions on charities' fundraising activities, The Wall Street Journal writes.

The measure, China's first comprehensive law on nonprofits, is aimed at removing bureaucratic barriers to giving, which has remained flat in the country since 2010 despite annual economic growth of 7 percent. Another goal is to tamp down perceptions of widespread corruption in the heretofore unregulated charity sphere that have led newly affluent Chinese to hold back on philanthropy.

In a Boston Globe article, the director of China programs at the Harvard University's Ash Center outlines findings of the center's research project on philanthropy by China's growing billionaire class. High-level donors in the country tend to focus on single causes and localize giving in their home provinces, Edward Cunningham writes.