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August 21, 2015

Clinton College-Aid Plan Includes Expansion of AmeriCorps

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled a proposal on Thursday to triple the size of AmeriCorps and increase college financial aid to participants in the federal community-service program, Reuters reports.

The plan would inrease AmeriCorps enrollment to 250,000; provide $23,000 in tuition assistance to participants, which is double the current award; and eliminate income taxes on the college grants. "Young people willing to commit to public service deserve to live free from the crushing burden of student debt," the candidate said in a statement.

Ms. Clinton's campaign said the AmeriCorps expansion would cost $20 billion over 10 years. The boost in the service program is part of a $350- billion plan she announced earlier this month to make higher education more affordable. It would be financed by capping itemized tax deductions for the wealthy.