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April 27, 2015

Clinton Foundation CEO Admits Errors in Donor Reporting

The Clinton Foundation's acting chief executive said Sunday that the global charity "made mistakes" in how it disclosed gifts from governments, reports the Associated Press. Maura Pally wrote in a blog post that foundation tax filings incorrectly mixed government grants with other donations but accurately reported total revenue, and that audited statements on the organization's Web site included proper grant breakdowns.

The philanthropy said last week that it would refile some tax returns to correct errors in grant reporting. Ms. Pally said the charity's policies on disclosing donors and gifts from foreign sourcescontroversies over which have dogged Hillary Clinton's nascent presidential campaign—are "stronger than ever."

The foundation is drawing heat from watchdog groups over its acceptance of multimillion-dollar donations from foreign governments, which critics say represent potential conflicts of interest given Ms. Clinton's presidential aspirations. Common Cause and Democracy 21, among other campaign-finance watchdogs, have called on the charity to stop taking money from governments and corporations abroad, The Wall Street Journal reports, while Charity Navigator put it on a "watch list" of financially problematic nonprofits, according to the New York Post.