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March 23, 2015

Clinton Foundation Reaps Success and Criticism in Haiti

The Washington Post looks at the Clinton Foundation’s high-profile rebuilding work in post-earthquake Haiti, finding both successes in health and entrepreneurship programs and a growing backlash over economic development projects viewed by some as serving Clinton allies more than struggling Haitians.

The examination comes as the foundation has drawn scrutiny for soliciting big donations from corporations and foreign governments, which some critics say poses conflicts of interest in light of Hillary Clinton’s past service as secretary of state and expected run for president. The former first family’s charity says such fundraising boosts its efforts to fight poverty and improve health in Haiti and elsewhere.

The article details both apparent successes and failures in projects financed or shaped by Bill Clinton and the foundation, from farming enterprises that employ thousands of people to largely empty high-end hotels. The Clintons have taken a leading role in mobilizing global aid to and investment in Haiti since the January 2010 earthquake that killed 200,000 people and devastated the country’s infrastructure.