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October 19, 2015

Clinton Foundation in Rwanda: Human Progress, Messy Politics

The New York Times takes a close look at the Clinton Foundation's deep ties in postgenocide Rwanda, a relationship the newspaper says represents a microcosm of the charity's global presence and the delicate politics that accompany its cooperation with foreign leaders.

The article details health, agriculture, development, and other programs on which the foundation partners with Rwandan President Paul Kagame's government. Mr. Kagame has been credited with uniting the shattered African nation after the 1994 genocide and driving major gains in income, education, and life expectancy, but human-rights groups and opposition figures say his reign has grown increasingly repressive.

Functioning more like a "nonprofit global consulting firm than a traditional philanthropy," the foundation "has done vital, often path-breaking work" in Rwanda, the Times writes, but that work, and the charity's support of Mr. Kagame, engendered potential conflicts of interest for the Hillary Clinton-led State Department and could do so again if Ms. Clinton is elected president.