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August 19, 2016

Clinton Foundation to Curb Fundraising if Hillary Is Elected

The Clinton Foundation said Thursday that it will eschew all donations from corporations and foreign entities if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election, the Associated Press and CNN report. Bill Clinton also said next month’s 12th annual Clinton Global Initiative in New York will be the final such gathering, regardless of the outcome in November.

Ms. Clinton’s campaign has been dogged by controversy over the charity’s fundraising from foreign governments and contacts between the foundation and the State Department during her tenure as secretary of state. Critics, including but not limited to Republican opponents of her White House bid, have said the charity’s ties would create conflicts of interest should she become president.

Announcing the moves to foundation staff, Bill Clinton also said he would vacate his board seat and forgo giving paid speeches for the length of a Hillary Clinton administration. The foundation would continue its work on global health, poverty, and other issues but accept money only from U.S. citizens and charities not affiliated with corporations. He said he and Chelsea Clinton, who co-lead the charity, did not face outside pressure to make changes but wanted to avoid second-guessing of Ms. Clinton’s presidential actions.