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May 05, 2015

Clinton-Linked Canadian Charity Takes Step to ID Donors

The Canadian nonprofit that has become central to the controversy over the Clinton Foundation's transparency and ties to foreign donors says it will seek for the first time to disclose its contributors, The Wall Street Journal reports. Canadian mining mogul Frank Giustra said in a statement Monday that the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership-Canada is contacting its top funders and "requesting consent to publicly recognize their contribution."

Mr. Giustra, a major Clinton Foundation donor and a friend of Bill Clinton, founded the charity with the former president. If provides funding for the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, a foundation affiliate that, like its parent, publicly names its donors. The Canadian offshoot has refused to do so, citing a Canadian law that affords donors privacy unless they agree to disclosure. Among its contributors is the head of a uranium company that was seeking U.S. approval for a sale during Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state.

The State Department said Monday that is has found no evidence that donations to the Clinton Foundation influenced any action taken by Ms. Clinton during her term there, the Associated Press writes. In an interview with NBC News, Mr. Clinton defended his charity's acceptance of multimillion-dollar gifts from foreign governments and said it has never done anything "knowingly inappropriate," but he added that he would consider stepping down as the philanthropy's head if his wife is elected president.